What is Kinergia?

It is a tool to take care of one´s body, a physical method designed to enhance healthy body habits. It helps to correct disorganized body postures that often generate chronic pain and to connect body and mind achieving consciousness of one-self.

Kinergia was developed by Cristina Maldonado, following 12 years of research as a modern dance performer and a teacher of dance and body language in the foremost universities in Mexico. During these years she gathered key exercises of diverse techniques and designed a way to combine  them  in order to  practice  and  train  three aspects of body awareness:

                                                                       Deep breathing /Yoga

Strengthening of Center/Pilates

Economizing energy/Eutony



Kinergia can be practiced in private lessons or in groups in intensive workshops  with maximum six participants, the work is personalized and addresses each individual’ s body-conflict zones. The teaching methodology includes body manipulation by the instructor, self observation and partnering exercises. They are held in English, Spanish and Czech.

There are different kinds of workshops where you can learn Kinergia’s basics, advanced levels and specific applications:

Kinergia Level I

Kinergia Training

Kinergia Level II

Private Sessions

Postpartum Kinergia